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Crafted with the artist in mind, The Bozley is modelled after a classic shop stool. Whether you’re spending a few extra hours on the weekend designing that remodel of your deck or tackling that novel you’re close to completing, you’re sure to keep a steady flow inspiration while staying off your feet.

The Bozley is named after and originally designed for Jory’s youngest son, who needed a custom chair to reach the family dinner table. The original design was then scaled to fit a classic 31” bar stool height.

When choosing the materials for this piece, Jory recounts, “I really love the time in America’s history where you say a preeminence of Danish furniture. Out of a love for their design and craftsmanship, I learned how to do a traditional Danish weave and was looking for a way to showcase it in a few of my pieces.” Built from organic walnut, the Bozley features a hand-woven seat made from Danish cord.

With two size choices, the stool can accompany the Bailey table, or compliment your office or sitting room for guests.


Large: 31 x Small: 20


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