Infuse class and style with a bit of attitude.



The Chromatic Collection is remarked to belong to a lost generation, ambassadors from another time. These pieces tell of old crimes and old triumphs, reawakened and reimagined from the mothballs of memory.

When asked about the common thread between this collection, Jory notes, “In traveling throughout the country, I’ve always been inspired by how different inflections and accents bring such diversity, especially to things considered classics. While there are elements of all my designs that pay homage to my roots, the Chromatic Collection plays with colors and textures to pair unique perspectives with classic, mid-century balance.”

Resurrected to tell of a new story, a new season, the Chromatic Collection is the perfect step toward infusing your own attitude with original class and style. 

Note: The chromatic collection comes in a select range of curated pallets. Limited addition colors and fabrics also become available from time to time.