The crux of the Arkwright collection
lies here upon the Emerson.


Paying homage to Jory’s legendary Hank outline. Jory sought out to give the design more depth and comfort.

“It was more than just stretching the hank on both sides to accommodate another person, it was crucial for me to fill a much needed comfort gap in our collections. We added depth and played with all different types of angles to find the perfect amount of lounge. Now, sit and stay awhile.”

The solid walnut divan is accented by timeless grey wool cushions and a pinch of yellow with fastening buttons.  Comfortably seats 2-4 people. We can all just imagine our favorite Creative Director resting his eyes ... He's stretched out on the Emerson, while cocktail napkins filled with half baked ideas lay upon the floor.


75 x 27.5 x 32


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