The Achilles heel.

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While some of Jory Brigham Designs pieces come together instantaneously, others sit until they become fully realized. From inception to completion, the Hank took four years to develop. “Some of our projects remain suspended on our template wall indefinitely until a vision has been cultivated with just the right ingredients of inspiration,” alludes Jory. “The enthusiasm to complete the ‘Hank’ came shortly after finding out our close friends were going to be having their first baby.”

Designed as a static lounge chair or rocking chair, the Hank’s sophistication lies in the details. It's hard to believe that there is not a single 90-degree angle throughout the piece, a feat requiring hours of laborious concentration. The Hank appears in many of Jory Brigham Designs collections because of its versatility and variety of cushion options. Keep your eye on the Hank, we predict that they'll be many renditions to come and special editions to be had. 

"Bottom line the Hank is just a real bitch to make ... but you'll find that's just what makes these chairs extraordinary." - Jory



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