The best characteristics are the ones preserved.


Crafted from a solid body of walnut, the Hollister is designed to showcase the soul of the material itself. It’s namesake alludes to the “Nine Sisters” of central California, a chain of nine volcanic peaks created over 20 million years ago.

Historical significance is not lost in this piece, as Jory’s central inspiration in creating the Hollister was to design around the character of the walnut. “I’m really drawn toward bringing out the characteristics of the wood in my pieces,” Jory elaborates. With the Hollister, it was unnecessary to add much color or get too carried away with lines that conflict with the natural beauty of the walnut. Every opportunity is taken to accentuate the grain and highlight every organic detail within the wood itself.


Length: 67 Height: 28 Depth: 19


“Accentuating what some would consider flaws, like knots or sap wood, are things that often make up the beauty of Jory’s exquisite pieces. Jory’s commitment to perfection is perfectly paired with his love for the natural beauty of his material. ”
— Ben Potter


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